How Can You Manifest Your Crush While You Sleep

Have you ever had a crush on someone and thought to yourself, “if only this person liked me back, then my life would be complete”? Well, I’m here to tell you it can happen! Now let’s go over how it works: when we first begin thinking about our crush, we tend to focus so much on how that person makes us feel.

But in reality, what we are really doing is focusing on the idea that this person could make us feel good if they liked us back! And once you start thinking about these things, your mind begins believing them too, which makes them even more powerful. This is where the power of manifestation comes into play because now your thoughts become reality!

How Can You Manifest Your Crush While You Sleep

Set your intentions for manifesting your crush while you sleep

The first step to manifesting your crush is setting your intention. What exactly does this mean? It means that you are making a strong, clear statement of what it is you want to manifest in your life.

If you are like most people, what comes out of your mouth when asked “what do you want?” is something along the lines of: “I don’t know.” This is not an effective way to set an intention because it doesn’t give enough information for the universe (or whatever energy source powers these things) to know where exactly to start working toward bringing this thing into existence.

To make sure that your manifestation gets off on the right foot, be specific about exactly what type of person or situation you’re looking for—and keep your mind open about how they will arrive in your life.

For example, instead of saying “I hope I meet someone nice soon,” say “I’m open to meeting someone who shares similar interests as me and also likes hanging out at coffee shops.” The more specific and concise information we give our subconscious minds about what we want from life, the easier it will be for us–and faster!

Lovingly identify what you want

One reason that it’s so important to lovingly identify what you want is that most people don’t know what they want. If you don’t know what it is, then how will the Universe know? The Universe can’t be of much help if you don’t tell it what to do, and clearly communicate your desires.

The second reason why this step is so crucial is that there are many things in life we think we want, but which may not actually be in our best interests—such as an unhealthy relationship or a job where we never get paid enough or work too many hours.

By taking the time to determine exactly what your heart’s desire looks like, and then being honest with yourself about whether those things are present in your current situation, it becomes much easier for Manifestation Managers like myself (and maybe even yourself) to pinpoint exactly how much work needs doing before your goal manifests into reality!

How Can You Manifest Your Crush While You Sleep

Visualize your crush as if they were already in your life

Visualize your crush as if they were already in your life. Imagine what their voice sounds like, how their eyes look when they smile at you, how it feels to hug them and kiss them. Pay attention to the details of what happens when you’re together—how does it feel when they put their arm around your waist?

What do their lips taste like? What would it be like to live with this person every day? Feel all of these things: let yourself become completely immersed in the idea of being with them. As soon as you do this, ask the universe for help and ask that everything works out perfectly according to plan.

Envision the details of your life together

The more details you can envision, the better, and the more emotions and feelings you can conjure up about being with this person, the better. The more forward-thinking you are about how your life together will look and feel, the better.

You want to be able to picture what it’s like when you first meet, what kind of jokes they make on a normal day, how they say “I love you” or show affection (if they do), what their favorite foods are, where they take vacations and why…the list goes on!

Feel the feelings of being together

If you’re feeling a little out of practice at feeling, try this exercise: Take a few deep breaths. Take them until your lungs are bursting with oxygen, and then let it out slowly.

Now think about the way your crush makes you feel when they look into your eyes. Or smile at you across the room, or gently touch the small of your back as they walk past.

What is that sensation, and did it bring up other memories? Did it make another part of your body tingle? Did it cause goosebumps on an area that had previously been unexcited by any physical contact with anyone else in recent memory?

Maybe not, but if not—don’t worry! You can always give this another go later today or tomorrow night while lying in bed thinking about how much better everything will be once they finally notice you back.

How Can You Manifest Your Crush While You Sleep

Ask the universe for help

Now that you know how to manifest your crush, the next step is asking for help. Here are some ways you can do this: Ask the universe for help. The universe is like a big, happy energy source that’s made of all of us and everything in existence.

It will always answer your requests when they’re sent with pure intentions and without judgment or attachment to outcomes. Try saying something like “I ask the universe to bring me my ideal partner” . Or “Thank you for bringing me my ideal partner”.

This simple act has been scientifically proven to increase attraction between people! It also allows them time to consider their feelings towards you. So when they do respond positively it’ll be much more meaningful as opposed to just happening randomly over dinner one night after being friends for years already.

Remember though. You must be feeling confident about yourself first before using this method because otherwise it won’t work well. So start practicing affirmations today!

Manifesting is something that we all can work with and achieve our dreams

Manifesting is a process of creating what you want in your life. It is not a magic trick, but rather a skill that can be learned. This skill can be learned by anyone. However, it takes time to develop and hone.

It involves cultivating your intuition, learning how to trust yourself. And putting yourself out there, even if it feels scary at first. If manifested correctly, you will find that the universe supports you in getting what you want. And you can manifest your crush while you sleep.