How to Manifest Your Crush To Ask You Out [Make It Happen]

If you’re crushing on someone and would like them to ask you out, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of that happening. First, get clear on what it is that you want.

Be specific about the qualities your crush has and how you want them to act. Next, visualize what it will feel like when they ask you out. Finally, put yourself in alignment with your desire by taking action steps that support it. Following these tips should help manifest your crush into asking you out!

How to Manifest Your Crush To Ask You Out

Believe that your crush will ask you out

The first step is to believe that it will happen. The more you can visualize your crush going out with you, the better. If you’re having a tough time picturing it, think back to past experiences where something good happened for no reason at all after you asked for it…

(e.g., “I wanted an ice cream cone, and then I found a quarter on the sidewalk”—this is like manifesting!). If this isn’t happening yet, keep working at it!

Imagining your crush asking you out is like training yourself to be receptive to new opportunities in life; if they don’t come right away, keep believing! We live in a universe filled with infinite possibilities and anything can happen if we let ourselves go there mentally—so put yourself in situations where good things might happen as often as possible and see what happens!

Visualize your crush asking you out

To begin, sit or lie down somewhere quiet and comfortable. Close your eyes and visualize yourself in the situation where you want this crush to ask you out.

Be specific; think about what you’ll be wearing, what the setting will look like, how many people will be there (if any), etc. Then think about what they’ll say and do when they ask you out. Visualize it all happening as if it were already a reality!

How to Manifest Your Crush To Ask You Out

Focus on how the date will make you feel

If you’re like most people, the idea of having your crush ask you out will make you feel excited and happy. You may even be overcome with a sense of joy.

This is good! The more positive emotions you can keep in mind as they ask (or even think about asking) you out, the more likely it is that those feelings will become a reality for real life.

So focus on how the date will make you feel. Think about what it will be like to go on a date with them, how much fun it will be to talk to them and get to know each other better over dinner or drinks, how great it would be if they kissed or hugged after dinner as fireworks exploded overhead…

Write down a list of all the things that are important to you in a relationship, and decide if your crush meets those requirements.

Take a look at your list and ask yourself if your crush fulfills all of these requirements. If they don’t, ask yourself whether or not you’d be willing to compromise on any of them.

If they don’t, it’s probably not worth your time to pursue them. Some qualities that might be important to you are: trustworthiness, good communication, similar interests, and physical attraction. Once you know what you want, it’s time to start putting the energy out there.

Think about the story of how your crush will ask you out

Here’s the thing: this person is going to ask you out, and they’re going to do it in a way that tells you how much they like you. So, as a result, it’s important to think about how you’d want that moment to go down.

Think about how you’d react when he or she asks. What would your response be? How would he or she make the ask? Would there be music playing in the background? Would he or she have bought a specific piece of jewelry just for this occasion?

Think about all of these details because they will play into how excited—and maybe even nervous—you are at that moment with your crush asking if they can take you on an official date. It’ll also help make sure that nothing goes wrong during their big question!

How to Manifest Your Crush To Ask You Out

Have positive thoughts about love and happiness to help manifest your crush

The first step to manifesting your crush is to have positive thoughts about love and happiness. You must believe that you will be successful, and that this is a worthy goal for you to pursue.

There are many reasons why it’s important to have positive thoughts about yourself, but one of the most obvious ones has to do with the Law of Attraction, which states that “like attracts like.”

In other words: if you think negative things about yourself (e.g., “I’m too short”), then more negative things will come into your life (e.g., no one ever wants to date me). On the other hand, if you think positive things about yourself (e.g., I’m beautiful), then positive things will come into your life (e.g., I get asked out on dates all the time).

Get yourself in the right mindset

Before you can manifest your crush to ask you out, it’s important to get into the right mindset. It’s all about believing that the person will ask you out and imagining how he or she will do it, so let your imagination run wild!

Think about all the fun things that could happen on your date: maybe they’ll take you to an amazing restaurant and pay for everything (yay)! Or maybe they’ll cook a delicious meal at their place (hooray!). Whatever happens on this date, just focus on how happy and excited it makes you feel.

Also make sure that this crush actually meets all of the requirements that are important to you in a relationship—things like being kind, caring, communicative or ambitious. If he or she fits in with those qualities, then chances are good they’re the perfect person for dating.

Change your beliefs about love and dating. If you are used to thinking that you will never find true love, then it’s time to change this belief. You can do this by practicing positive affirmations every day until they become a habit. Change your outlook on romance and begin to see the possibilities for finding true love where there were none before.