Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Missing You

Have you ever been so connected to a person that their presence feels like it’s still with you, even when they aren’t? Maybe it’s because you’re best friends or have some other kind of special connection. Or maybe it’s just because that person was really important to you.

Even when you know someone is no longer with you, there are times when they seem to be missing from your life. You have this nagging feeling in the back of your mind that they’re somewhere out there thinking about you.

Wondering how things could have gone so wrong and wishing things had ended differently. You feel their absence so strongly that the signs from the universe that someone is no longer with us can become quite obvious at times.

Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Missing You

Dream Visitations From Them

One of the best and most obvious signs from the universe that someone is missing you is their appearance in your dream. During a dream, we can see and feel things that may not be possible to do in our waking life.

So, if this person comes to visit you while you’re dreaming when they are no longer with you, it might just be because they want to say hello. They may be letting you know they’re still thinking of you, or maybe they just want to let you know that everything is going to be alright.

If this person hasn’t been around for a while and suddenly appears in one of your dreams, it might seem like a sign from the universe that someone is missing you.

It could also just mean this person will soon return into your life. When we dream about people who are currently out of our lives, but we haven’t seen them in a while, it’s often because they’ll soon come back into our lives again.

Sensing Their Presence

There are certain signs from the universe that someone is missing you can’t ignore, like sensing their presence. It’s hard to describe how that feels, but it’s a feeling of knowing they’re out there and somewhere close to you.

You get that sense that they’re with you, even when they might not technically be in the same room. It’s not just because you miss them. There’s something else going on.

You feel like they’re still there, somehow. Maybe it feels like a part of them is still with you, or maybe it feels like their spirit is still around. Whatever it is, it’s a sign from the universe that someone is missing you.

Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Missing You

Hearing Their Voice

Occasionally, you’ll find yourself picking up the phone to call them. We all have those old friends who we can’t seem to shake. No matter how much time has passed, they’re always on our mind.

If you’re struggling with this, it might be because you know deep down that they’re still out there somewhere. You may even hear their voice in your head from time to time. This is actually a sign from the universe that someone is missing you.

Your brain knows deep down that this person once belonged in your life, and part of the healing process is remembering the good times together even if they never physically show up again. It’s not easy when everything goes wrong, and we lose people in our lives.

But there are moments when we feel like everything is going right, where it feels like nothing could ever go wrong again, and then something happens to remind us that it did go wrong or will go wrong again with others at some point in the future.

And when something does happen, we need to remind ourselves that it’s just a sign from the Universe letting us know what we already knew deep down inside: Someone is missing us!

Smelling Their Favorite Fragrance

We all have those special scents that remind us of a person. Maybe it’s the perfume they wear, or the cologne they use. Maybe it’s the detergent they use for laundry, or even their favorite soap.

Whatever the smell may be, it can remind us of a loved one. So when those scents start to drift away from our lives, and we realize that scent is no longer there to remind us, then we know that someone is missing from our life.

The Appearance Of Feathers

Feathers are a sign from the universe that someone is missing you. Feathers make for an excellent symbol for what it’s like to be in love because the wings of a bird represent freedom and lightness.

When you find a feather, it might make you wonder where it came from and what its journey was. It could have been one of your loved ones who left it behind as they took flight.

Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Missing You

These signs may just be in your head, but they are strong indicators that someone is missing you. A piece of advice is to close your eyes and think of them. In your mind, see them as if they were right in front of you.

Then, speak to them. Say how much you’ve missed them and how much you want them in your life. It’s possible that you’ll get a sign that they’re with you or want to reconnect. Did this post provide any insight for you?

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